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The changes reflect the author's reaching the conclusion that David was probably a son of Nicholas Gentry the Immigrant rather than a son of Samuel Gentry, son of Nicholas, as originally argued.We also suggest that David was a child of a second marriage of Nicholas Sr.

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In a continuation of a series providing comprehensive descriptions of the children of Nicholas-I Gentry, his son David, is described along with a listing of virtually all known references to David.

A summary is provided of his children together with a sampling of pertinent references to these family members.

about 1728, in Hanover County, Virginia, to [Unknown], - married (2) about 1734, in Hanover County (later Louisa County), Virginia, to Sarah Brooks; - died about 1765 in Lunenburg County, Virginia. This section on David Gentry has been revised from the original version published in May 2002.

Paul's Parish, up the Pamunkey and South Anna Rivers from his father's home.

Samuel's first presence near Stone Horse Creek is documented by a vestry order in 1716 ordering him to supervise the building of a road eastward from Stone Horse Creek to Stony Run.

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David Gentry's Early Years There are no references to David in any Virginia records prior to 1743, when David's father- in-law, Richard Brooks, gave him 100 acres of the latter's land on Dirty Swamp in Louisa County.

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