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The crude marriage rate, that is, how common it is to get married, is also higher in Sweden than in the EU member countries in total.

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Looking back to the 1960s we see that the mean age for marriage has increased by about ten years. When marriage becomes more common it will thus be more common to divorce after several years.

Between 20 the number of marriages increased, and this was followed by an increasing number of divorces 2005 and afterwords.

We see this when looking at the share of marriages per 1000 inhabitants, the crude divorce rate, which has increased from 4.5 in 2000 to 5.4 in 2013.

It is also more common to get married in Sweden compared with the rest of the EU.

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Contrary to trends in the rest of the EU, marriage in Sweden has become more common during the 2000s.

The trend in recent decades is that women in Sweden, like in the rest of the EU, wait longer to start a family.

In 2000 the average age for first time mothers was 27.9; in 2013 the corresponding figure has increased to 29.1.

In 2013, 51 554 marriages were entered into in Sweden.

The number of marriages has varied in recent years, but the trend is that it has become more common to marry.

This was also the highest figure for all EU countries.

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