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Till he has not decided to engaged or married, from his attachment it looks that he must takes this decision to makes her permanent partner.

Further upcoming days makes this relationship more clear.

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His mother and father is the source of inspiration in his dancing career. In his acting career he gives his success credit to Harry Potter because he had learned many of thing from him.

As given above that right now he is dating and in deep love with BC Jean.

Maria Louisa Maruland was the paternal grandmother of Mark who was born in Texa, Mexican.

His is the single child of his parents, no sister, and no brother.

First we saw Brandon Smith from Sonny With a Chance get a big tub of popcorn (The tubs has JB's 3D poster on it! A little while later we saw his Sonny costars Doug Brochu, Tiffany Thornton, who was wearing a gorgeous white dress, and cutie Sterling Knight, who has the bluest eyes we've ever seen!

A little while later we bumped into the Jonas Brothers backing band, Garbo, John Taylor, Jack, and Ryan, aka Bulldozer, while getting a grilled cheese in the lobby.

His parents, father named Corky Ballas and mother Shirely Ballas are the dancers by profession.

His father Corky Ballas is American, is half of Mexican and half of Greek.

(PS: We saw both girls sneak into the theater to avoid being caught by the photogs!

) Finally Nick, Joe, Kevin, and Demi came on stage and thanked everyone for coming. And as a group, we all put our 3D glasses on together! We don't want to give anything away, but there's one part where we see all three guys shirtless! At one point during the flick, when JB's dad comes on screen for the first time, Kevin yelled from his seat, "Yeah Dad!

The guys gave us big hugs and joked how we just saw them only a week ago at their exclusive J-14 photo shoot! Then we saw a girl in a cute, sparkly turquoise dress and realized it was Camp Rock's Meaghan Jette Martin!

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