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"Some people 'got' [Electra Heart] and some people didn't.

Whatever I do seems to be quite Marmite [in terms of splitting opinion] I'm at peace with that.

I have complex feelings about my previous album – so many good things happened, a few things that irked me." "At the starting everyone was comparing me to Lana," she told me at the time.

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But while Goulding is now an official Friend of Ed (Sheeran, as if it needed clarifying) and arena headliner, Marina, arguably the better songwriter, remains more niche.

She can surely empathize with the Morrissey dirge We Hate It When Her Friends Become Successful? For one thing, Diamandis – 'Marina and the Diamonds' is her stage alias – feels the comparison with Goulding terribly sexist. We female artists are ALWAYS pitted against each other.

It took a lot of graft for her to get to where she is today. And suddenly I didn't and was going to ridiculous auditions.

"I was seriously depressed," she told me early in her career. But you know, if I didn't do it then, when was I going to ? In fact, you get the sense Diamandis is quite happy ticking along in the b-league – well known and much adored by fans but, in general, able to go out in public unmolested.

Aged 20, she fetched up in London, determined to break into the music business.

Initially,the music business didn't seem up for a wooing. I was an academic person who had supposedly high hopes of going to uni and studying.

"The interesting thing about Ireland is that the demographic is very balanced," she says.

"In some places, the States for instance, the audiences on the last record were teenage and gay.

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