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The CAM 360 Manager app also has a built-in gallery.

You can view images and videos that are on the 360 CAM, or that you've downloaded to your phone. It's also where we run into our first major headache. If you're previewing a picture and scroll through to a video and try to share it immediately, it'll throw an error saying you need to download the file first.

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Or you can just place the camera itself on a flat surface.

It also has a standard mount for tripods, too, but that's going to get a little messy as the camera captures damned near — and that's going to include tripod legs underneath it.

If you're a Windows user, you'll be able to plug 360 CAM in and easily retrieve your pics and videos.

It's a little more complicated on a Mac because MTP is still a mess.

You can go for a handheld thing, too, if you want, but that's going to double up on motion — something you might want to spare anyone who's watching your 360-degree videos. And when you're conspicuously taking a picture or video of every_thing_ (and every_one_) around you, maybe that's good enough.

No reason to draw any more attention to yourself, right?

That answers as much as it leaves up to the imagination. What was happening just before the shutter snapped? And not just something photo geeks get to play with after spending thousands of dollars on rigs that look like fly eyes — but personal 360-degree recording devices.

See at Amazon We've had this sort of photography for a while now thanks to Google's "Photosphere" effort.

Or you can just yank the card and pop that into your computer, or transfer to your phone first.

(More on that in minute, too.) The 360 CAM is part of LG's new "Friends" ecosystem, which has the LG G5 at the center.

There also are options for the same sort of traditional modes you're used to on a smartphone — night, sport and the like — kind of an odd thing for a device like this. If anything, the 360 CAM maybe has too many options.

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