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I'll spend a lot of time later explaining what the Touch Bar does and how it works, but for now, all you need to know is that this 2,170 x 60 touch strip offers a changing set of controls, depending on what app you're using.There's also a Touch ID fingerprint sensor built into the power button on the far-right side, which consistently delivered fast, accurate results in my tests.

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As on the smaller Mac Book, there's a metal logo on the lid where the glowing Apple used to be.

(I don't miss it, to be honest.) The keyboard has the same flat buttons as on the smaller Mac Book, and the glass Force Touch trackpad is exactly what you're used to, just a lot bigger this time.

The last time Engadget reviewed a brand-new Mac Book Pro design was in June of 2012.

It weighed 4.46 pounds (a heavyweight by today's standards) and it ushered in some newfangled thing called the Retina display.

Meanwhile, the 15-inch Pro comes in at 15.5mm thick, a 14 percent slim-down.

It weighs four pounds, or about half a pound less than before, and takes up 20 percent less space.I admit, I've been enjoying being able to charge my Mac on either side, depending on where the nearest power outlet happens to be. You'll need an adapter (sold separately, of course) to plug in just about any peripheral you already own.At the same time, this move to USB-C means there's a greater risk of either breaking the cable or someone tripping over the cord and pulling your laptop to the ground. And given the Mac Book Pro's supposed demographic, I'm sure many people do indeed work with external monitors or backup drives attached.Though we're not sure you all were able to hold off until now, Apple has finally updated its Mac Book Pro line, and it's not just a processor refresh either.Both of the new 13- and 15-inch Pros are thinner, lighter and more compact than their predecessors, with faster graphics and disk performance, a brighter, more colorful screen, Touch ID fingerprint sensor and louder, clearer audio.(Notebook displays don't get much brighter than that.) Apple also promises a higher contrast ratio and a 25 percent wider color gamut that now includes the P3 color space -- an important spec for photographers, videographers and other creative professionals.

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