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The fee also buys you access to shops and other public places of the hotel. The drive offers stunning fall foliage, but you can stop along the wooded way year-round and peek out at stunning views along Lake Michigan.At the end, check out the wider view from the Legs Inn restaurant, which is open from May to October.Say cheese with the Detroit River in the background and you in the middle between the Windsor, Canada, shoreline and downtown Detroit marked by the Renaissance Center towers.

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Flower Day at Eastern Market There’s fantastic people watching and tons of choices for your yard or garden at Flower Day in Detroit's Eastern Market. Go mountain biking in Copper Harbor Trails As one reviewer wrote, “This network is pretty much everything it's reputed to be. One of a very select few 5 star systems in the Midwest, and well worth every star.”Play golf at A-Ga-Ming Golf Resort near Traverse City Play a round of golf at A-Ga-Ming golf resort near Traverse City.

The Torch course and the clubhouse feature spectacular views of Torch Lake that are especially impressive in fall or at sunrise or sunset.

Michigan is the home of many splendid things — we know it, because we live here.

Beautiful scenery, majestic lakes, fabulous food, quirky locales and hidden gems just barely scratch the surface of what Michigan has to offer.

Canoe/kayak the Pine River The Pine, located about a half hour west of Cadillac, offers a challenge that you won’t find on more popular rivers, like the Au Sable or Rifle.

Yes, you can tip from the fast-moving water and obstructions. Sold in brown paper bags, the hard-crusted Trenary Toast will last until the next millennium.

Go a little farther on County Road 510 and bag the Big Pup Creek Falls.

Log Slide Overlook at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Seven miles west of Grand Marais inside Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is the Log Slide Overlook, a 300-foot-high sand dune that provides stunning views over Lake Superior and the Grand Sable Banks and Dunes.

We asked staff members of the to share some of the best things to see and do in Michigan, based on our personal experiences.

Here are 50 ideas you may want to add to your bucket list. Add your bucket list item here and be sure to explain why it's great.

When the bluebirds start their loops in the darkness, the early show is about to begin.

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