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“These personality quizzes, at their best, are conversation starters, and give you a shared language to discuss things that are meaningful for you,” Whelan said.

People who take a quiz are eager to let their friends know their result, and people responded to them by chiming in with their own results.

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“All right, I took the quiz, and it turns out, I do put career before men,” he announces to his friends. So although the quiz phenomenon may seem like a fairly recent trend, they’ve been around in some form for a long time.

Magazines like Cosmo and Seventeen frequently contain quizzes about dating and relationships.

This is a major reason you’re seeing them all over your social networks.

They are rarely founded upon anything scientific, but they are a fun and easy way to get just a little more insight to someone’s personality.

Given the undeniable popularity of quizzes, they should be a key part of any company’s content strategy.

People love taking them and sharing them with their friends, and they can even be used as a lead generation tool.Play Buzz, another site with a heavy quiz focus, was the second-most shared publisher on Facebook in October.And the most shared piece of content on Facebook last quarter was a Bitecharge quiz titled “How old do you act?Car Throttle, “the Internet’s car community,” posted a quiz titled, “Are you a true gear head?” It has been taken more than 330,000 times, and nearly 10 percent of people who finished the quiz shared their results on Facebook.When you create a quiz, be sure that the end product will educate and/or entertain your audience, or it will remain in content purgatory where no one will see it. College Humor frequently uses quizzes to entertain their audience.

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