Long distance dating advice

True love can be strengthened in the midst of long distance relationships. There is nothing wrong with accepting the fact that your relationship isn’t strong enough yet to endure the long distance.

I feel if you know deep inside you are not truly ready then just be friends.

If two people can’t even maintain a great friendship from long distance then what makes you think they will really do well in an actual committed relationship. Just understand what you’re truly going up against and if you’re really ready for that challenge.

We pored over dozens of dissertations and social science studies in the realm to draw up a unique list of long distance relationship advice which is surprisingly simple and bolsters relationship satisfaction levels by twice its former value.

Since it has been scientifically proven that the amount of variance of the relationship satisfaction outcome variable is most pronounced whilst varying the subjective predictors of the long distance equation, and hence, a couple’s beliefs, attitudes, approach, commitment, willingness to invest, mode of communication, levels of psychological distress or lack thereof, ability to trust, and an overall compatible scale of desires (sexual or otherwise) are potent markers for assessing the satisfaction levels and quality in a long distance relationship, it was necessary to collate an off the run-of-the-mill and out-of-the-box listicle of advice for long distance relationship that you wouldn’t find splattered across glossy magazine pages or online relationship forums.

You know that the distance will likely lead to you cheating so why take that risk.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s cool to entertain long distance relationships when you still operate from an “out of sight out of mind” mentality.

Instead of letting fear, selfishness, or dishonesty lead you into taking that step just take that time to build a great foundation (if there is truly one that can be built between you two in the first place).

That way when you do come together again everything can be great and better equipped to handle any distance.Many people know they aren’t ready or committed to abiding by the “rules” of the relationship but use this as an opportunity to hold some level of control on their partner.Thinking that this will help keep them in their life for the long run.Now when people have been “together” for a while or have really laid down a great foundation for a relationship I feel this makes a huge difference.It still doesn’t make long distance relationships easy but it most certainly helps.Posted by Stephan Labossiere in Advice for Men, Advice for Women | 32 comments To start this off there is a quote I found online by Roger de Bussy-Rabutin which states “Absence is to love as wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small and kindles the great.” Let that marinate for a second. How should one approach entering into a long distance relationship?

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