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It made me fell like I was lying, like I was making it up or it was all in my head. We were all just trying to keep our alpha-male status.

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However, it’s important to intervene to help young people who are suffering from prolonged or increasing loneliness.

Help for those children will probably come in the form of cognitive behavioural therapy or attention training, as this aims to change their negative perceptions and fear of rejection.

Loneliness strikes after bereavements and break-ups, whereas some people feel lonely even if they’re surrounded by people.

Oli Regan, 26, suffered with feelings of loneliness as a teen.

He felt increasingly isolated in the years that followed as the highs and lows of his mental health issue, bipolar disorder, were misdiagnosed as bouts of depression.

He told uk: ‘When I was younger, in my late teens, my mental health problems started to kick in. I always felt like I was the odd one out, the last one picked for the football team, not invited to parties – that sort of thing.Paul Spencer, Policy Manager at mental health charity Mind, said: ‘Loneliness itself isn’t a mental health problem, but the two are often strongly connected.Having a mental health problem increases your chance of feeling lonely, and feeling lonely can have a negative impact on your mental health.‘I felt so isolated, and I felt like I was the only one that felt like that so I didn’t want to tell anyone in case everyone thought I was weird.So I kept it quiet, it got progressively worse until I ended up trying to take my own life.’ Oli, who now raises awareness of mental health issues in between acting jobs, explained: ‘I tried to seek help, but my symptoms were misdiagnosed as depression for a good three to four years. ‘I went to an all boys school too, so nobody really discussed anything.You could end up talking to somebody, they realise they’re going through the same thing.

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