Loneli wives dating

As a marriage coach, I think it’s a beautiful thing.The most basic choice is whether to do anything at all.So, instead, I take the approach of helping them to love their husbands more.

It can mean fighting, but it can also mean shutting down, alcoholism, workaholism, or affairs.

If it sounds like I am blaming the woman for this, that is not true.

Whether they say it or not, they think “You are not capable of loving me as I am, so I have to hide myself from you.” It is a vote of no confidence which affects how much love she can feel for him, and how much love he feels from her.

But, I agree that just blurting everything out would not be a good approach.

If he had been some kind of scoundrel, she could have blamed the distance on that, but that still would not have dealt with the basic problem which was related to her fear of rejection.

That she would be rejected if her husband really knew her, or that he wouldn’t care, which really amounts to the same thing.The lonely wife, who doesn’t say anything for fear of feeling rejected, unwittingly makes her husband feel rejected in the process.Men respond differently to this, but they often don’t respond well.She was also afraid that it would interfere with their love making.Although she valued an emotional relationship more than a physical one, it was when she was making love with her husband that she felt the most loved.When I get a chance to talk with their husbands in couple’s coaching, their husbands are often stunned to find out their wives were feeling lonely.

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