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An executable file is also called a binary image and includes, for example, any executable object such as portable executables (PEs), macros, scripts like Visual Basic script (VBS), etc.A virus is a program or piece of code that modifies a binary image on disk, typically against the user's wishes and without the user's knowledge. A simple virus that can make a copy of itself over and over again is relatively easy to produce.By hooking INT 18H, the system would try to boot from the network when all other boot devices (floppy drives, hard drives, etc.) had failed.

In this particular case, the BIOS itself may call INT 13 to provide a list of possible boot devices to the user, and because the SCSI BIOS has hooked the interrupt the user will be able to choose not only which standard system devices to boot from, but also which SCSI disks as well.

Another common option ROM is a network boot ROM (e.g., a PXE option ROM).

This is a special case of an option ROM, as it is loaded very early on in the boot process (otherwise nothing would appear on the screen during the POST.) It is usually easy to tell when this particular ROM is initialized, as it is the first time something appears on the monitor since the computer was switched on.

Unless working with an embedded system, the video BIOS is almost always located in the After the basic POST checks are complete, the option ROMs are normally initialized.

This section refers to how option ROMs are used with standard IBM PC compatible BIOSes (most desktop computers).

A common example of an option ROM is the Video BIOS found on all standard PC video cards.

This allows a computer without any disks or persistent storage to run an operating system by downloading the necessary software over the network.

Of course there needs to be some program to do this download of code, and this is what is stored in the option ROM.

This gives them the chance to hook (intercept) system interrupts, in order to provide increased functionality to the system.

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