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Add a new rule of ‘Playlist is Music’ You’ll notice ‘Live updating’ is still on. Like my previous troubleshooting articles I hope this post will be quickly updated when Apple roles out a fix.

I'm using i Tunes 11.0.1 on 64-bit Windows 7, and occasionally my smart playlists (with live updating set to on) stop updating.

: I was playing around with my smart playlists this morning and discovered an additional tidbit of information that may be useful for some.

The playcount correctly changes to 1 during the sync and by refreshing the playlist on the PC, the list is now empty. However, the playlist on the i Pod still contains the 10 tracks and even after a another full sync the playlist still contains the 10 tracks. Surely it's not too much to ask for playlists to update on the i Pod!

I switched to MM after reading how much better it was and in some respects I'm happy but what I'm trying to achieve is pretty basic - isn't it?

I am a recent registered user of MM and really miss this feature having made the decision to switch. It can take an Auto-Playlist and add tracks to the Now Playing and thus running the updated criteria each time a track is requested. ... I have an auto playlist that checks the playcount so songs are automatically removed from the list as soon as the playcount reaches a defined level.

As an example, it can be used to play all tracks that have only been played once so as soon as the playcount reaches two a track is removed from the list.

If I were to have ‘Play Count’ selected as the column to sort by and then synced my i Phone, then that playlist would display the songs ordered by ‘Play Count’ I found this out while playing with the Apple Remote app for the i Phone/i Pod Touch.

The selected column to sort by also effects how playlists are displayed in the i Phone Remote App.

Let's say I have a playlist set to contain only songs that have never been played and there happens to be 10 songs in the list.

I listen to the tracks on the i Pod during the day and at night I sync it with MM.

When I recreate the smart playlist from scratch, it has been working again, for a time, but my main playlist has stopped updating now for at least the fourth time since i Tunes 11 came out. Googling this issue has not brought any usable answer, most people seem to have a problem that the smart playlist in i Tunes is not properly synced to their device.

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