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The following morning was Friday, a workday for Abby and Jeanne. While I didn't have to go to work I still got up with them. “After all the turmoil of the past year, you still haven't changed.”“I like chocolate cookies.”“I know and I love you because of it.”“I love you too.”“Even if two other guys are going to fuck me tonight?Abby had come prepared with an overnight bag so she could go straight into the office with Jeanne without having to stop at her house. ”“Especially because two other guys are going to fuck you tonight.”“Michael, I love you now more than ever.”“And Jeanne I love you more than ever too.”There was silence.While I was every bit as excited about the party as they were, I couldn't resist an opportunity to tease Jeanne and Abby, so I decided to have a little fun and for just a moment play the role of an obtuse accountant. Finally I said, “I remember you mentioning something about a party, but I forget the details. After a moment she said, “You're teasing me, aren't you.”Grinning, I said, “Yes I am. All three of us were anticipating the evening ahead of us.

”“Absolutely and a chocolate cookie please.”Jeanne laughed.

Standing behind Abby she slipped the chain over her head and let it fall into place around Abby's neck.

I was making sure that everything was in its proper place when the doorbell rang. After taking a deep breath to compose myself I opened the door.

Two tall, very handsome men in their thirties were standing on the front step.

I have to call Mark and Bobby and let them know what's happening. I've been looking forward to it all week.”Sighing with relief, Jeanne said, “Thank you Michael, we're going to have so much fun tonight.”Nodding, Abby said, “Yes we are, but we still have a question to discuss.”Jeanne looked at her friend and asked, “What's that? I just want it to be clear that I can't participate. I thought I'd dress in khakis and a polo shirt just like I did when you entertained Jack the other night.”Abby smiled. You're an observer watching other men fuck your wife.”Laughing, I said, “That's correct, but Abby, you just made it seem a whole lot kinkier.”“Michael, my dear and I do mean, my dear. Please understand that for me, kinkier and better are synonyms.”Jeanne, Abby and I all grinned. After we showered Jeanne pressed the bag of ice against my cock and balls.

I'm sure Ruth, David and Matt are going to want to know too.”I smiled at both women. ”“What role is Micheal going to choose for tonight? “Are you going to be a lover, a stud, a participant? I said, “I really want the two of you to meet my friends, Amy and Mel.”“We want that too Michael.” Jeanne stood up. “Yes we do.”I stood, walked over to them and gathered them together in my arms. Once my erection wilted Abby fitted the cock cage into place, locked it and handed the key to Jeanne.

“Michael, we've talked about these parties constantly. Jeanne said, “It's not nice to tease your wife.”“Even about a sex party she's planning? I couldn't stop thinking about the evening ahead of me. Once we were done Jeanne prepared a small bag of ice cubes and then we hurried to the bedroom to get dressed for the party.

”“Especially about a sex party she's planning.”Still giggling, Abby asked, “So are we on for tonight? In the bedroom the three of us peeled off our clothes and showered together in the master bath.

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I brought it all into the dining room and set it next to the liquor and the glasses.

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