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Nationality : As per passport Passport Number: As per passport Age : As per passport Religion : As per passport Relationship : Wife / son / daughter Port of Boarding : Technically it means the airport from which you are boarding. Then click “Add New Dependent” Repeat this step if you have more than one dependent. Tick the check box and click “Submit Family Visa” 11.

All fields should be entered or the form will be rejected in any field is left blank. Enter Dependents Details On the same page, you need to enter the details of dependents (wife / kids) as follows: Name : Should be as per passport.

If the name is only two words in the passport, then put “-” (dash) in the blank spaces as the system will not accept empty boxes.

For ATM payment process, visit ATM Permanent visa payment procedure 2. This page will show your information as per the MOI system. At this stage, some people get the following error “Your Application cannot be processed because Istiqdam e-service Business rules have not been covered” It means that rules given in the previous page are not covered: – Iqama is valid less than 90 days – Most of the time what it means that your profession is not in the approved category list.

Login to Abshir Account on MOI website Abshir is the main portal for all government related transactions like exit re-entry for dependents, online govt. If you do not have Abshir account, see How to create Abshir account 3. It gives error even for some “approved profession”. As the new system is being developed, it may take some time for things to become smooth. Enter your details Enter the detail about yourself – Your salary, education level and date of receiving certificate and main subject of study.

If you do not have online banking account, you can use your friends account to make payment.

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