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He organized the set-up three months ago.“She absolutely gets a kick out of meeting New Yorkers because they’re so open about their lives,” Matthews said.

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When they arrive in Cityville, however, Cousin Mel and her attorney, I. Slime, quickly tricked Grandma into going with them.

After Santa explains to Austin what happened, Jake and Quincy discover that Grandma has gone missing again.

The store happens to be the only piece of property not owned by Austin Bucks, the wealthiest man in town, whose CEO corporation specializes in making Christmas easier and less involved for the town's busy residents.

Grandma, however, tells Austin that his method of trying to make Christmas easier is not really for the best and refuses to sell the store.

Despite this film's Christmas theme, the date for its original airing was Halloween.

It has subsequently aired on The CW (the successor to The WB), Cartoon Network and Freeform The show begins by introducing Jake Spankenheimer, along with his family, most notably his Grandma, who owns a small general store in the town of Cityville.What’s the best way to inherit a century’s worth of wisdom?Drop by 100-year-old Eileen Wilkinson’s makeshift office in New York City.Jake suspects that Cousin Mel may have been involved in Grandma's second disappearance, and follows her to a cabin in the woods where she and I. They then manage to restore Grandma's memory by feeding her some of her own fruit cake, and rush to the courthouse to prove that Cousin Mel has been behind everything that happened to Grandma.Confronted with the evidence, Cousin Mel is forced to confess everything she did.It's connected to a laptop that's set up in a cardboard booth in Manhattan's Upper East Side."It works both ways because I get great joy talking to them," she told CBS New York.

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