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I am hoping that more and more people will learn of my own interest in this, and will pass on this information and that I'll receive more reports and, hopefully, sometime, a game camera photo that is definitive.On that, I've had emails sent with game trail photo attachments, or killed pumas, supposedly shot in Pennsylvania, but these were hoaxes.About six months ago I posted the question, Are there Mountain Lions in Pennsylvania?

I usually follow-up on these reports and, via email or phone conversations, I receive more details.

Only once has anyone later determined that they had misidentified the cat, seeing a bobcat and not a mountain lion.

Because the neck bothered me, I decided to do some Photoshop on the puma in the lower left, moving his head higher up and changing the image to a contrasty black and white - to give a silhouette for comparision. Recently, on a back road in Pennsylvania, a friend and I had our first sighting of a coyote in Pennsylvania.

Here it is: I still couldn't get the big head/little neck, and the body is a bit stouter/shorter, but a striding cat might be stretched out a bit. My friend was a former hunter and fisherman, and spent a lot of time in the woods, as did I, but neither of us had ever seen a coyote.

Two other reports went, in detail, on what they saw, the size, the length of tail, etc.

And again, while they may have been mistaken, they certainly were completely convinced that they had seen a puma. The image in the Upper Left was from a Game Camera, sent to me by a friend.

A brief look, yes, but no question we saw a coyote.

Now, forty years ago coyotes were rare or almost nonexistent in Pennsylvania, and had had that same sighting back then, when coyotes were thought not to exist within the state we would have had the 'facts' to doubt what we saw.

However, my friend and I discussed this, and agreed, we saw what we saw, and had it been 40 years ago or four months ago, we knew we saw a coyote.

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