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(My kids are 7 and 9, and yes they are a little young for the site, but I haven't had any issues with it until now).

The things I find negative don't really fall into the given categories, so I guess I have to write it down.

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We've had to have several conversations about sex that I wasn't prepared for at the age of 10.

I think good has come out of this as it's opened a discussion that is important to have with your kids but I resent that it wasn't on my terms and that it's happening so soon.

We had no problems until we turned on the full chat.

My daughter was very persuasive with the "There are moderators.

Now the entire focus of the game has become acquiring rare items.

This often involves tricking other more trusting players out of their items.If you have sweet, considerate, trusting children who want to go on this site and see animals... They will be exposed to rude, selfish, manipulating children who steal, coerce, lie and use your child to take advantage of, and steal the items they may have. I wrote to the developers and complained, and they responded wonderfully.My child has been crushed by the vicious manouvers of other mean kids. Steps were taken to prohibit the scamming that players were able to perform on each other, several of my suggestions were incorporated fully into the game.Mostly trading occurs on trading forums, but players have started to approach each other, encouraging them to use mail to send or gift each other the items.This happened to my child and she has watched it happen to others.You can report people who are inappropriate." and I decided to give it a try because she is getting older.

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