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Let it Flow "Don't focus on finding a relationship in the beginning, just keep a positive mindset about meeting new people and let the relationship blossom naturally." -Calanit & Alan Marietta, Georgia 3.

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I was just about to give up, but then I Instant Messaged my future husband.

He was up early on a Saturday as he had just recently signed up for JDate.

Don't Overthink It "I think that as women, sometimes we think too much.

We create a picture of someone who we think would be a good match for us, when in reality, no one knows what a good match is until people meet in person." -Randi & Alan Scottsdale, Arizona 9.

Gavin Degrew remarked about his relationship, “So, I am dating somebody now and if the relationship does not work out, I would take that as failing.” Dating helps in building a relationship with a person.

The idea of dating people of opposite sex is considered a taboo, in some countries.

We knew pretty quickly that we were God's match for each other as we felt we had found what we had been praying for." -Amy & Marc Los Angeles, CA 4. We even used Christian's Compass Matching Test to cover a number of topics we would have not thought about otherwise! Use Every Tool Available "What made Christian successful for us was the way it helped bring us together: through the search tools, the personality test, and the knowledge that the people we would find on there were not just people looking for a long-term relationship, but a relationship that would be built on God's love." -Vicky & Kent Royal Oak, Michigan 6.

Be Honest "Since we had both been married before and had kids from our previous marriage, we spoke openly and honestly. Think Outside the Box "I was so picky about people that I didn't think fit into my "box." What I learned is that God busts boxes wide open and always gives us better gifts than we imagine for ourselves." -Danielle & Thomas Herriman, Tennessee 7.

Rethink Your Idea of "Perfect" "Focus on the essence.

There is no perfect man or woman, but there is a man or woman who is perfect for you." -Racheli & Zvi Raanana, Israel 8.

And, for us, it was trusting in God and much prayer." -Hillary & Joseph Kinston, North Carolina 10.

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