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As Leo and Aries move toward a more serious romantic relationship, they should take notice of one another's need for affection.

Be sure to show each other that you truly care and you will find this match to be a great coupling.

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most people don't want to be bothered then, unless that person is on their mind.

I feel he's a lot more open with me, which is good, I do compliment him and his success, and his looks a lot, or at least I try to enough . So I would like some advice on how to get even further with a Leo man.

Since we are in our early stages do I play hard to get or what do I do while dating him to keep his interest and to make the relationship even deeper ?

Sweetheart you can only play hard to get when you haven't given up the cookie.

Can't speak for all aries women but I know I don't like to show my softer, affectionate and feminine side to people surprisingly my leo man is the only one who brings out the side of me.

I can tell he enjoys and appreciates it but he still respects my need for space and independence.

When it comes to searching for love, they should begin the journey with focusing on what they need out of a relationship.

Check out the zodiac signs below to see which signs are most compatible with the Lioness.

by beautasia (compton) I've been talking to a Leo man,and I'm an Aries woman, and we are in our early stages of dating,we don't know each other that well but we just talking on the phone ,we have not went out together yet, at first the relationship was frustrating because I felt the Leo man was ignoring me a lot , but he told me that he's just busy,which is believable since he's the successful , talented , businessman of the Leos.

I also didn't like how whenever he hit me up he always talked about sex, but now I feel that the relationship is slowly changing he's hitting me up a little bit more and we are no longer only on the subject of sex which is good. I was actually surprised cuz he hit me up one night out of the blue, while he was in his hot tub, and I was shocked because what guys contacts a woman on the phone while they are in a hot tub or just taking leisure time for themselves?

If he called you while he was in the hot tub he was probably rubbing one out while thinking of you. Take it as a compliment, you are probably a great lay and that's why he keeps seeing you.

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