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It is Margareta, the Cheekies' formidable mother-cum-manager, checking the venue for their imminent interview. But it's a beautiful spring day and…No, interjects Margareta firmly, the photographs must be taken inside.

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Put bluntly, the relationship appears to encapsulate the Lib Dems' inexhaustible ability to make themselves look - well - daft.

There have been so many other self-immolating disclosures in the recent past, including Charles Kennedy's overfondness for a tipple, Mark Oaten's overfondness for young men and most recently, the admission by new party leader, Nick Clegg, that when it comes to sexual conquests his bedpost is positively covered with notches. The Cheekies are very close - they still share the same bed in the family home in Rye (Margareta, a former classical violinist of Hungarian extraction and who wrote the Cheeky Song in 30 minutes, met her new partner, Ray, after moving to England and finding his exhibition company in the Yellow Pages).

Thunderbolt after thunderbolt issued from her side: Lembit incapable of adult relationship, pantomime affair with Romanian Z-list celebrity who would turn up for the opening of an envelope, that kind of thing."People definitely don't know us," says Gabriela, defensively. He is so nice to be around because he make jokes, he likes fun and he is very kind to people - very kind to me."For their first date, Lembit took Gabriela to the Science Museum. The allegations were vehemently denied - Opik pointing out that he had declared his personal interest openly, and had merely directed the girls to their local MP."That was awful for me but also for my family," says Gabriela. There was so much rubbish in the press, way over the top.

"They split up before I came into his life."But why is she going out with him? There were not problems with the visa because Romania was going into the EU."Monica chimes in: "They wanted to pick on us. I was much bigger celebrity than him, to be honest.

He feels free with me and I’m going to change his emotional life for the better for ever.” Sally, 55, who once did readings for Princess Diana, as well as George Michael, Bob Geldof and Uma Thurman, will be seen with Gabriela in Star Psychic on ITV2.

The couple had kept their news a secret until now because Lembit’s former fiancées, including Cheeky Girl Gabriele Irimia – who was 24 when they began dating – had miscarried while pregnant by him.We paid our taxes in this country."Could Gabriela ever see herself as the politician's wife? Nobody knew Lembit before I met him - not as a celebrity."And Monica, would she go out with Lembit? I don't feel he's my type, really."What does she mean? He has to look good, be honest, caring, liking sports activities - we do exercise a lot."That's Lembit to a tee, surely."I don't know - would I have to do anything in politics? I don't mind his job but it's not what I would do."People wouldn't put them together in a crowd, would they? Monica breaks into an uncontrollable laugh."I can't say more than this.But that is a cheap jibe and the Cheekies - twin sisters Gabriela and Monica Irimia - can take it.They've endured much worse in their short but eventful career.Pete Waterman, after all, was said to have described them as the worst pop act ever - and this from the man who produced Samantha Fox.

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