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Television manufacturers use hundreds of different plastics in the manufacturing process and each will have a different temperature limit.Normally, consumers may refer to the mantel clearances that are typically provided for gas hearth systems.

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We would like something that is maybe 24-30 inches width and have it vent through the outside wall.

We were thinking of placing tile or marble around it for decor. One of our most popular small corner units is the Napoleon Vittoria Direct Vent Gas Fireplace - 19-in..

Also Note: This unit includes a safety barrier screen with the selected surround option in compliance with 2015 regulations.

If you're looking for lots of power without taking up lots of space in your home, you're looking for this Loft See-Through Direct Vent Gas Fireplace.

If this is to be the case, I highly recommend having a custom enclosure built out of stainless steel and tempered glass that could completely encompass the outside of the unit.

The surrounds for this particular model must be used.

You will need to choose a surround from the drop down menu on the item's page, and you will need to purchase the venting components separately, which will be listed under "Venting Components" on the item's page.

This unit should be fueled by a 20 pound propane tank or larger.

Can the outer trim of this Empire Loft see-through direct vent gas fireplace with RF controls and decorative surround be tiled over?

Also, do I have to purchase an additional kit to make this unit see-through?

It is not recommended to tile over the front of the unit as this would block access to the controls and service parts located below the fireplace face.

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