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It’s not because when Andrew says something like “Good morning, how’s everyone doing” on the EUROS chat, seven people immediately call him a cunt.It’s not the way he’s comprehensively bodybagged every time he tries to act in a way that’s different from the way you remember him acting at school.

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A cold hand being placed onto a breeze block, before its fingers are rudely detached with a hatchet.

A man feeding his erect penis into a hungry carp’s mouth.

You’ve all ignored it and he’s feeling a bit shit because he knows the line has been crossed. I bet the other guys don’t know that me and Jonny have our own separate chat where the convo’s just as strong. “Boys look at the tits on this one.” Dean’s deeply misogynistic views generally float under the radar. But after you’ve heard him vividly, and emotively, describe the perforations of the anus of the two out of 10 he “slewed” last night. Dean’s mum hurt him when he was younger, so you have to put up with his shit for the rest of eternity. I can change Leo, we’d all change to have you back. Seb changed his name on Whats App to Sebastian, his profile picture is just a copy of Robert Musil’s groundbreaking avant garde masterpiece The Man Without Qualities and yesterday, during a discussion about double penetration, he managed to quote both Chomsky and Foucault. If the Whats App group was a stew, then Josh would be the guy grinning and holding the ladle.

Up pops Harry with his “Come on guys” act, who’s taken it upon himself to not only call out the joke for its crass anachronisms, but also to shit on Tim, the whole group and the patriarchy as a whole. Like the disembodied head of Ray Winstone, George seems determined to ruin your Saturday afternoons. He’ll stir up shit that isn’t his to stir, like the time Will fucked Tom’s ex, then dance gleefully in the tattered remnants of their friendship.

The only time when Whats App’s default saving of pictures is frustrating.

Frustrating in so far as Border Force could detain you on your flight back from Zante because of the filth on the Genny Chit Chat.

Now you’ll be forced to look at Nick’s sweaty gurn every day until it isn’t even remotely funny anymore, and the only thing that came from it was Mike saying LOOOL and Baz chipping in with a half-hearted thumbs up.

The busy third year who couldn’t spare five minutes out of the quiet section in the library, Oli landed a job which has set him up for life.

It’s a Sunday afternoon, the banter in “Jim’s Hot Cum Dishwasher” is absolutely popping off. Remember when you literally took a taser for Alex at that house party in Islington? You’re on the Circle chat, you read the messages, but you never reply. Chipping into the convo every six months to analyse Floyd Mayweather’s claim to be the GOAT doesn’t count.

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