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And inevitably I always had a glass of wine in my hand and smile on my face. You do understand that I’d have to put down my mimosa told hold your baby. I’m (apparently) too intimidating – I’ve been told on multiple occasions that my career is intimidating.I have been in multi-year committed relationships and many times I’ve been fearful of getting tired of domestication and having a major case of FOMO. When I was looking for a job, a male lobbyist “friend” explained that I was much more attractive unemployed than I was employed as an attorney.

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When I became single, I was searching for quick fixes.

When I was a freshman in college I was talking to my best friend about dating and I made a prediction. But sitting in my friend’s apartment as a teenager I predicted that I would be broken up with and exchanged for an easier less-challenging model for most of my adult life. Further, why did you come to that conclusion at 18 years old?

But truthfully, when I’m not on the go I get easily bored.

During one of my relationships, I devoted all my time to my boyfriend and ended up resenting him.

When I was 22 years old, someone asked me why I wanted to go to law school.

I gave a very lengthy explanation much of which I remember verbatim; however, the final few sentences stuck out to me.

My calendar is always jammed packed with happy hours, volunteer events and recreational sports games.

I love and cherish the occasional weekend to hang out in yoga pants watching Netfix.

The last quiet Friday night I can recall is the first Friday I moved to Washington, D. Recently I developed pictures from my Instagram account to decorate my new office. On multiple occasions, I’ve been asked by friends whether I’d like to hold their baby and I’ve replied, “No thanks.

I realized most of my pictures were from bars, restaurants, happy hours and fundraisers with large groups of people. I’m good.” Each time I was at brunch, wearing big sunglasses and holding a mimosa.

And I want a blog that accurately reflects who I am now and not the fact that Tinder is a crappy app.

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