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they are all over me to find you, your ex, your folks Would you, check on them from me? Don't tell the cops over there a fucking thing They're all dirty in their country.

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You were the last, who has spoken with the Sultana of Java, before she died.

She's the prettiest girl at the party That's where you start.

Vitria has found something that you might like to see.

I've been tracking this terrorist in the last 2 years I'm close, Hashi.

"I always thought that the mind would be the best defense." "Weapon"! "I always thought that the mind would be the best weapon." See?

"Mas" in Javanese means "brother." Where did you learn such good English?

Look, I am a grad school TA I'm on Anthology program from Cornell University.

here to do a pen on fucking Southeast Asian art history A teaching assistant? Do you lecture to your students with that language?

I need someone to string up for the media And the absence of Faruq, you will do. I'll be sure to mention your thoroughness to my superiors.

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