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Vic is almost 35 years old, and being the country boy that he originally is, it’s only natural for him to long for a family of his own and to quietly settle down.His latest statement also kind of secure the future of his girlfriend Reen Yu with him.Fans should stop saying stupid things if oppa goes to clubs,drinks or everything that they don't like,because they can't be cute everytime.

It was also reported earlier on that Vic will be filming the sequel for the movie Z Storm where he will share topbilling with Louis Kuo and Julian Cheung.

The movie will start shooting around middle of this year.

Apparently, the 38-year old idol actor is now officially out of the new reality dating show We Are In Love, the equivalent of Korea’s We Got Married.

Also out of the said dating show are Kris Wu and Tang Yan.

Now, where can I go to get rid of these tattoos and get these nose rings pulled out?

Today is going to be a round of news involving some of the most eligible bachelors in the Asian entertainment industry.

However, they aren't saying the two are dating, instead, here's where it's taken an odd turn.

Netizens do not think going to clubs and partying is a bad thing, but they do think the rookie idol's frequent appearances at clubs, and his rude responses to fans are unfavorable. leave him alone and one more thing haters, you are just insecure of how sassy and fab Koo Junhoe is. So fans are salty because he didn't give them the reaction they were looking for.

Topping our list of bachelors is Taiwanese actor Vic Chou who may soon be saying goodbye to his bachelorhood soon.

Men’s Uno magazine recently did an awesome feature on the 33-but-soon-to-be-34-year old actor in their latest issue.

This was the day that Clara hosted her 'Rose with Clara Party' at Arena.

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