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How did you guys come up with the “popcorn-and-dogshit” rating?

JB: The popcorn ratings came pretty naturally with Small = not very good, Medium = decent, Large = great, XLarge = excellent, etc.

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Both New York-based comics and actors (Brown even had a bit part in “The Dark Knight Rises”), Collins (who also co-hosts the Comedy Outliers podcast with Mike Brown—no relation!

) and Brown are two pals who rarely discuss films in a pedantic, scholarly manner.

Our worst episode was probably “Lady Ghostbusters”, just due to the overall feedback we’ve received about it.

JB: Well, I'm 1000% with Brandon about the “Ghostbusters” episode. But, for me, my favorites are “Showgirls” and “Boogie Nights.” We had some great conversations with our guests, which gave insights to worlds we all just speculate and assume about.

Medium Popcorn (Ni**as Spoiling Movies) is a weekly podcast where, as the title bluntly lays out, two black guys have a spirited, detailed conversation about a movie they’ve just seen.

Luckily, those two guys, Justin Brown and Brandon Collins, also inject enough unpredictable humor in their talks to have you cackling like an idiot throughout an episode.

Instead, they have the sort of hilarious, back-and-forth, bull sessions you’d usually have with friends about movies.

It’s that feeling of listening in on a couple of buddies shoot the shit about flicks that makes Popcorn such an addictive pleasure.

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BC: I was initially doing the show on my own but felt weird just ranting and raving about movies with no one to play off of.

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