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There's a fight scene in the night on an empty road, where Deol is smashing one of the sidey's head on a bus, and not only did they have an old, beat-up, Indian brand bus parked there, but it actually has yellow chameli garlands hanging in the windshield!

Its a typical Sunny Deol movie, where he alone beats up 100s of guys.

This is an example of Bollywood Stunts and action that ruin the Bollywood image that is trying to change.

(She is running for her life by murderers and suddenly sneaks into a club and starts dancing.

Her Face expressions change from scared to death to seductive dancing?

Whats makes it worse is that she's actually given a meaty role of a mute.

The silver lining is that you don't hear her voice at all.The movie Stars the sexy Neha, who goes to UK and gets a photo taken of her nude, she then gets forced to make porn otherwise the photos will be published.Instead of going to the police, she accepts and tries to act like she's in a tough situation.The movie tries to have a serious storyline about a gang of indians in UK, who are involved in human trafficking and forced pornography.Even this serious storyline has been handled in a comically dafted way.In this case, however, IMDb seems to have nothing on this particular movie – which is a blessing in disguise for the makers of the movie, because it saves them some embarrassment. About a month ago, my wife and I decided to boycott partying every weekend and made our way to the cinema to watch the latest Hindi release "Teesri Aankh – The Hidden Camera". I visited this website the next morning to write my comments on the movie but could find no trace of this movie ever existing, until now, so I am here to write some comments.

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