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I recently laughed with a friend about how I used to feel still 10 years old when I visited my father, as an adult, and often did and said things that I couldn’t believe I’d just done. Sometimes, our parents bring out the worst in us, even after we’re grown up.

They expect us to fail, be irresponsible, or act out, especially if we were less than perfect, a lot less than perfect, when we were young!!!

But no matter how wonderful they are, they are individuals with their own ideas, and they are not me.

Maybe we all secretly expect our children to grow up to be just like us, and they’re not.

They may tell you that your clothes are out of date, and you look ridiculous still wearing your hair that way.

My girls work l8 hour days in the fashion industry in 8 inch heels, and they don’t love it when I wear flats in the day time. Me, I’m willing to wear a high heel at night, but if I’m going to run around all day, I wear flats.

I have often said that being the parent of adult kids is an art, and not always so easy to achieve.

But I am beginning to think that being the adult children of one’s parents is not so easy either, and also an art. They treated me like a child, and sometimes in spite of myself, and being all grown up, I acted like a child around my parents. The friend I was talking to about it had recently had the same experience with his parents, who had treated him like a five year old on a visit home, although he is very grown up, and a responsible, intelligent adult.

(And by adult, I mean even ‘kids’ in their early 20’s, or pretty much anyone who has left home, no matter how young or old they are).

I am very opinionated and have very definite ideas and opinions, about how life should work and people should behave.

(I hate people being unkind to others, and wanton nastiness that hurts others’ feelings).

And I have been blessed with great kids, who are all loving, decent responsible people.

And their choices are different from mine and have a right to be. That kind of respect is not a one way street, it is a two sided coin.

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