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Both of them are romantic, piano-playing singer/songwriters who were in their twenties in the early 2000s, and both of them have ties to veteran producer Arif Mardin; he produced Jones' smash Come Away With Me album, and Mardin is one of the executive producers on Noble's debut album, Fearless.

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For a few reasons -- all of them superficial -- Keri Noble has been compared to Norah Jones at times.

Her 7 song EP entitled Softer Place to Land was released in 2013.

Keri’s latest song, released in December 2014, is titled “Real Life Love Song.” Due to the request of fans, a solo acoustic version of this EP, Softer Place to Land – Solo, was released in 2014.

Keri gained the attention of the world-famous producer, Arif Mardin, and a recording deal with EMI/Manhattan Records soon followed.

Worldwide touring supported her debut release Fearless. That album brought her more success, including the song “Emily” being used on the TV show “Grey’s Anatomy” and an appearance on CBS’s The Early Show.When Noble was in her late teens, someone gave her a copy of Mitchell's Blue -- that 1971 classic (which was recorded six years before Noble was born) was her first exposure to Mitchell, and after falling in love with Blue, Noble got more and more into songwriting and became quite serious about pursuing a career as a secular singer/songwriter.Noble began performing her own material at small coffeehouses in and around Detroit, where she usually accompanied herself on electric keyboards.A transplant from Detroit to Minneapolis, Keri Noble is a piano-driven singer/songwriter whose passion and penchant for living life on her own terms radiates from her music.After growing up in an environment where secular music was not readily available, Noble was inspired, like so many, by Joni Mitchell’s historic album , to find her own voice in songwriting.Once again, singer-songwriter and Cities 97 radio personality Keri Noble returns to perform her very special holiday concert, “A Very Special Christmas.” The concert features an assortment of songs from Keri’s gorgeous holiday album, “More Than Santa,” and this year they are adding an assortment of new holiday songs to delight audiences. How about tips on how to make the most of your time in a specific city?

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