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Ninomiya Kazunari is the second youngest of the Stormy Boys. His name Kazu is rather used by close friends and family members.Even so, at certain times, the band members would refer him as Kazu-chan especially during the filming of their previous variety show Mago Mago Arashi. His family consists of his mother and a 2 years older sister.Nino was the first ever entertainer from Johnny's Entertainer to debut in Hollywood.

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Nino was known to have broken his phalanges (the bones in your palm) of his left hand during his junior years.

This accident affects Nino's strength of using his left arm.

Nino started acting in 1997 at the age of 17 in a Stage Play, Stand By Me.

He made his television debut the year later in a TBS's Amagi Goe.

Every year since Amagi Goe, Nino has received numerous productions of stageplays and television series.

Nino's acting skills shined and was proven to be highly recognized when in year 2006, he received a production offer to play a role in Clint Eastwood's movie, Letter's From Iwo Jima.

Source: Cyzo Woman I just extracted part of Cyzo's report which contained the key facts. about Nishikido's infamous playboy ways and references to how Johnny's Jimusho seemed to have allowed them to date by letting them stay near each other or even pulling Arashi's Ninomiya Kazunari into the picture.

In any case, since these aren't certified true and may cause undue worry or negative feelings, I thought it was best to skip these points and stick to the basic facts i.e.

Nino also once confessed that he took a session of his schedule off just to practice his magic and perform in small places that no one knows who he is.

Other than Nino much known achievement, Nino is very much loved for his character.

Nino entered Johnny's by an admittance letter sent by his cousin. Nino first started out as a background dancer for a Japanese band, Kinki Kids.

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