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His ironically titled 2007 autobiography My Booky Wook (followed by My Booky Wook 2: This Time it’s Personal) was a critically acclaimed, vivid and wholly literate read, in which his “exploration of London’s Hogarthian underbelly” was gleefully laid bare in unflinching detail. But there’s a new conquest along every minute and it’s not just Brand’s silvery tongue (e that causes otherwise sensible women to swoon.And words have a way with women that hearts and flowers can never match. Brand, who married American singer Katy Perry in a traditional Hindu ceremony in Rajastan in 2009, filed for divorce 14 months later. It’s the whole bad-boy-in-desperate-need-of-redemption package. Although men have no idea, obviously, women are covertly competitive to an incredible, internicine degree.For all his faults – and there genuinely are too many to list – the presenter-cum-actor-cum-comedian-cum-author has one key attribute that leaves lesser (nicer, kinder) men in the shade and casts an irresistible spell over women: the gift of the gab. He, you may recall, from the 1897 play by Edmond Rostand, was the talented but ugly French nobleman whose large nose made him self-conscious.

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It’s a rare woman who isn’t tempted by the prospect of allowing herself to be wooed and won by a dodgy Alpha Male specifically in order to demonstrate her superior ability to domesticate and, quite possibly, emasculate him.

But with Brand, the odds are stacked against this approach, because while he may be many things, a keeper he ain’t.

It later transpires that Roxane was so moved by his lyrical poems that love blossomed despite his unfortunate physiognomy.

In the original, Cyrano dies before she can tell him her feelings.

He may smoulder with passion and simmer with desire like a rattling pot on the stove, but for men like him, it’s the thrill of the chase that keeps them interested.

There’s a dangerous intensity to his “trust in me” gaze, reminiscent of Kaa, the snake in The Jungle Book.Yes, it may be balm to the soul of women accustomed to playing second fiddle to her partner’s smartphone or football team. And whether he’s playing Khan like a fool, only time will tell.Kate was brought up around Croydon, Greater London by her mother Linda Rosina and her father Peter Edward Moss.Who can forget how, in 2008, he was forced to slink away in disgrace after his unpleasant wind-up call, on Jonathan Ross’s Radio 2 show, to national treasure Andrew Sachs, in which he lewdly referred to a sexual encounter with the 83-year-old actor’s granddaughter?Or that he was axed from an obscure radio station for reading out pornography live on air.that “I’m in a relationship at the moment” and added that he was “off to see my girlfriend.” However, it remains to be seen just how long this relationship will last.

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