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A skater may be subbed when a team has less than 9 skaters and may only substitute up to 10.

Subs must be of an equal or lower level than the league they are playing.

In the event the third period ends with the score still tied, the game will move to a 5-minute, sudden death overtime, played with a numerical on-ice strength of 3-on-3 (plus the goalies).

18 skater MAXIMUM (must have 13 paid players) per team with one goalie.

Pick the captain, team, or friends with you wish to play.

Two minute penalties occurring after the game will be served in the same manner.

Failure to attend the next game will count as the player penalty being served.

Note that during the overtime period, if penalties are called, teams will play 4-on-3 or if necessary 5-on-3.

At no time can a team play with less than 3 skaters, plus the goalie.The 2017-18 Fall/Winter Adult C League will begin in October. Players will draft onto their requested teams; unless it is to the detriment of parity amongst the teams.18 skater MAXIMUM (must have 13 paid players per team) per team with one goalie.The Z League is now a self sufficient league, meaning that in order to play, ALL PLAYERS MUST BE REGISTERED TO PLAY IN THIS LEAGUE.Any C League player who wishes to play in the Z league may do so BY INVITATION OR COMMISSIONER APPROVAL ONLY AND MUST REGISTER SEPARATELY TO PLAY IN THE LEAGUE (in addition to a C League registration). Captains for the Fall/Winter 2017-18 sessions are: Jennifer Wayne - Killer Beez, Marta Mc Lin - Zombies, Jenny Shults - Zeppelins, and Michael Rodriguez - Wolfpack. All players must ALSO be registered with USA Hockey.If a team chooses to pull its goalie during overtime and the opposing team scores while the goaltender is off the ice, the team whose goalie was pulled shall forfeit the point they would otherwise get for an overtime loss, with the exception that if the goaltender leaves the ice during a delayed penalty and during the delayed penalty that team inadvertently scores into its own goal, they shall still receive the point for the overtime loss.

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