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Google Maps will open up, and you can simply mark the location pin and send it on Whats App.The recipient can then click in the message, open Maps and follow the map to reach the destination. Send and receive money with Free Charge Sending and receiving money was possible on many other social platforms and Whats App also has a way to send and receive funds.Follow the procedure on the screen to allow Google to access your Whats App.

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Choose from 11 different Indian languages from the settings.

Head to ‘options’, then ‘chats’ and then ‘app language’. Search messages You can also search for particular message within long chats.

If you are meeting a friend, or want to send your friend to a particular location/address or simply want to invite someone to where you are, you can send a Google Map location on Whats App.

All you need to do is enable GPS, then tap on the attachment icon (the paperclip icon) and choose location.

You can restore your data back to your Whats App in case you switch to another phone.

From the settings, choose backup and then choose to backup to Google Drive.

When it turns blue, it means that all have read the message.

However, if you only see a double grey tick and want to know who all have your message, simply long press on the message you have sent and click the ‘i’ (information) button on the top.

There are times when you want to read the entire message from the contact or group, but due to shortage of time, you prefer to read it later. So why not mark them as unread to read it up later.

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