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Translation vs Transliteration I’ve used the two methods before this and I’m more inclined to using transliteration.

While I don’t have to go through the trouble of having to remember the corresponding Hindi word, I’m still a lot more used to typing in a local language in English. For example, I found out that article is lekh in Hindi.

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Whatsapp is the Most Popular Messenger App these Days.

Might not sound as much, but these things count in the long run.

A foreign focus Jus Mobi’s language repository is more international, than Indian.

It will be interesting to know if foreign users will use such a service.

Most Android phones come with the option of working in a completely different language.

Another one of Plustxt’s compatriots is Jus Mobi’s Jus Chat. The regular conversation-like chat layout and the use of regular emoticons is no different from any other chat app in the market.

Along with catering to many Indian languages, it also provides exhaustive foreign language support. Its real differentiator is its translation feature.

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