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Ask for two quotes, as you will need an auction or real value quote and a quote for insurance purposes.The one for insurance purposes will typically have a higher value as it should cover the real cost of replacement.

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I have received many requests to value watches on this website.

Honestly that is an impossible thing to achieve, so instead I have created an Elgin pocket watch appraisal article for you to read.

Please be aware many people on auction sites, always over value their watches, so this should only ever be used as a guide. Hopefully for you it is at the higher end of the value chain.

This is a good starting point in your initial For genuine collectors like me, the only thing and the only details I am interested in, are those of the movement.

The more jewels the movement is set on then the smoother the watch will run and as such generally speaking the more valuable it will be.

For Elgin specifically the term railroad grade is significant.

Placing any type of value on an Elgin watch just can’t be done with any degree of accuracy or confidence.

The best experts in the world would not attempt this, unless they had the actual watch in their hand, and their trusty eye-glass with them.

If you have done this type of appraisal then you are very close to ascertaining a truer value.

The general information captured above will quickly lead to an initial idea of value.

In particular look at three things during your appraisal: Think of today’s market place.

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