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Very attached to their own belief system.(Usually don't like Murder Clowns...) Big Hoodoo - Psychopathic Records artist.Blue neck - When a juggalo is rocking so hard at The Carnival that their makeup starts to run down their neck.We will be personally inviting all of the bands and performers who have over the years professed to support Juggalos and asking them to join us in making our stand. Saturday, September 16, 2017 That is the date that the Juggalo Family must truly shine and show America and the world that we are not a gang, public menace, cult, or any of the other untrue labels they have attempted to slap on us throughout the years.

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Bump Dump - When your girl takes a shit during anal sex.

Chicken - Slang term, used when refering to a bigot.

Being labeled a gang member can be a permanent stain on an individual’s life, since it will come up in a simple background check every single time.

Whether that person is applying for a job, trying to adopt a child, join the armed forces, or attempting to acquire housing …

AMB - (Axe Murder Boys) Juggalo Music group Assed Out - Broke as fuck. O Barker - A Juggalo's wingman Bango-Bango - A juggalo or juggalette's drug dealer Barney Alexander - a fake ass juffalo who thinks he's the shit.

Ain't nothing but a fuck boy Bianca/Beatrice - A Bitch (from The Tech N9ne Song) Bigot - An extremly predijuduce person.

Clown love - A show of appreciation or respect within the Juggalo Community Cotton Candy - A slang term describing dry or hairy pussy.

(refers to Insane Clown Posse's song "Cotton Candy") Cherry Pie - A virgin pussy Carnival, The - short for Dark Carnival. (refers to Big Money Hustlas) "Clown Job" - The act of performing fellatio on a fellow juggalo/juggalette, causing your makeup to color their popsicle.

"At this point, it’s time for everyone to put up or shut up," the manifesto reads. Recently Psychopathic Records’ court case in our lawsuit against the F. We have tried to use the American judicial system to achieve justice and we failed.

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