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Some of them are pretty self-explanatory, except for Luv and Cafe.

Take the time to work on your profile and photos before you start to contact people.

If you have an incomplete, or rushed profile, it will mean that people will be reluctant to reply to you, which could knock your confidence.

No need to change your personality on here, you’re already ⚡LIT⚡! 📽- Make a quick connection with ladies and guys nearby- Match with people just like you, thanks to our 🔥 algorithm- Compete in our addictive game, PETS 🐶 🐱- Chat with new friends We look out for you too! Your exact location and personal information will NEVER be given without your permission.

🙌🏾 🙌🏽With a single swipe of the thumb you can:- Watch a Live stream, or start your own!

And people looking to connect with other business-associated contacts usually move to sites like Linked In, but one need to understand that social media is beyond Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and Blogs.

After observing and running an analysis on hundreds of Social Networking sites I have listed down 40 most popular social networks across countries. Facebook: To access, you must create an account on the site which is free.Here's a quick rundown of all the main features on Tagged.Your Home feed: This is where you'll see a list of suggested people to meet, suggested "pets" you should buy, a live feed of status updates from users (plus a compose field to add your own) and alerts in the left column that show other users' interaction with you. Customize it however you like to let other users know more about you.Cafe is an interactive game similar to Farm Ville and many other popular Facebook games that lets you set up your own cafe and manage it effectively to move up to higher levels.Tagged also offers VIP plans at monthly prices, which gives users access to more features.Browse: Tagged is all about meeting new people, and you can use the Browse tab to find new users to consider adding as friends.

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