Jim and jon hager dating

In a role reversal, Pam now gives Jim advice on his relationship while mustering romantic feelings for him.Finally being honest to herself about her feelings for Jim, Pam breaks down and cries after realizing she is pushing him into the arms of another woman Pam eventually grows tired of hiding her feelings from Jim and, on beach day, confesses to him in front of the entire office staff that he was the true reason she called off her wedding and that she misses his friendship .Jim and Pam are shown to be great friends and to enjoy each other's company a great deal.

Although at some points the tensions between them increase, Pam's true feelings for Jim become more evident as it is revealed that Pam's fondness for him extends outside the office .

Jim becomes saddened when Roy and Pam decide to finally get married on June 10th , finally being open to Michael about his feelings for Pam and going so far as to schedule a trip to Australia to avoid going to the wedding, which leaves Pam clearly disappointed .

Jim, however, doesn't seem too happy at the prospect, but eventually decides to transfer back.

While Pam is excited about rekindling their friendship, Jim is still unsure of how he feels about her and has started a relationship with Stamford co-worker Karen, who also transfered to Scranton, which causes their reunion to be rather disappointing to Pam. Eventually, Jim realizes that Pam is unhappy with the way things are and decides to go back to his old prankster ways by pulling pranks on Dwight and Andy alongside Pam, who also begins to develop a friendship with Karen .

Having felt that the moment was no longer appropriate, Jim doesn't propose, leaving Pam (who already suspected that Jim would propose that night) visibly disappointed .

In a talking head, Jim reveals that after Toby's party he and Pam talked and decided they would rather not get engaged yet since Pam would be spending the summer in New York studying graphic design at the Pratt Institute and they both didn't want to spend the first few months of their engagement apart.

For a while they both seem happy having gone back to being friends.

It eventually becomes clear, however, that Jim still has unresolved feelings towards Pam which start to cause problems in his relationship with Karen.

When Pam's parents' marriage starts to fail, Pam's father William comes to stay with them, putting a strain on their relationship that might have gone as far as to end it completely.

Pam is saddened by the fact that her father won't talk to her about his failing marriage but thinks he might open up to Jim.

Jim pays Phyllis to get fireworks for the party as a way of emulating the "first date" he and Pam had back in "The Client".

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