Jewish way of dating

Yet his prestige was slight, and learned rabbis were considered by the Jews as their real spiritual leaders.The growing Russian and Galician element in the Romanian Jewish population at the beginning of the 19th century opposed the hakham bashi, since such an institution was unknown to them and many of them were followers of Hasidism and led by zaddikim.On the other hand, the first books of anti-Jewish incitement of a religious character appeared around this time: the Golden Order (Jassy, 1771) and A Challenge to Jews (Jassy, 1803).

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Many of the Jews were craftsmen, such as furriers, tailors, boot makers, tinsmiths, and watchmakers.

From an early date, one of the main components of anti-Jewish hatred in Romania was commercial competition.

Among the privileges offered was the right to be represented on the local council.

In some cases they undertook to attract other Jews from over the borders.

When two counties of Moldavia were annexed by their neighbors (Bukovina by Austria in 1775 and Bessarabia by Russia in 1812), the Jews from these countries preferred to move to Romanian Moldavia, where they were not harassed by the authorities and had both family and business connections.

Jewish merchants exported leather, cattle, and corn.

In the 16th century some refugees from the Spanish expulsion came to Walachia from the Balkan Peninsula.

A few served as physicians and even diplomats at the court of the sovereigns of Walachia.

The territory of present-day Romania was known as Dacia in antiquity and Jewish tombstones dating from early times have been found there.

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