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The couple got engaged in February 2008 before breaking it off two months later Aside for her successful film, TV and stage career - Mary-Louise won a Golden Globe and Emmy for the HBO adaptation of Angels In America and a Tony for her role in Proof on Broadway - her prose has appeared in Esquire and other publications.

flopped both commerically and critically upon its release, grossing less than half a million dollars upon its release.

This is due in no small part to Connelly's performance and beauty.

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I have never put much thought into Crudup as an actor before, but he does some great work here.

His dinner speech to his family is amazing, but my favorite line in the whole movie is when he gets upset with Sarah and her liberal friends, "I'm in this whole fucking room by myself, and I'm choking on the collective sense of superiority." He has earned my respect as an actor.

Sometimes we're in the 1970s and Sarah is definitely alive, and at other times we're in the early 1980s and we're not sure if Sarah is real or just a figment of Fielding's increasingly vivid imagination. I think it adds to the haunting quality the story maintains throughout.

Waking the Dead is a 2000 drama film directed by Keith Gordon, and starring Billy Crudup and Jennifer Connelly.

It's an obscure little movie that deserved better than it got.

It's not perfect, but both leads, particularly Crudup, do too good a job for this movie to be so overlooked.Connelly does a good job as well and is as radiant as always, but hers is the smaller part.Despite being given less screen time though, her presence is still felt heavily throughout the movie, even in scenes that she doesn't appear in.It begins in 1974 with law student Fielding Price (Crudup) watching the news only to learn that his girlfriend, Sarah (Connelly), was killed in an explosion.The movie then flashes back a few years to when Fielding was in the Coast Guard (partly to avoid Vietnam) where he met Sarah while on leave when she worked in his brother's office and the two quickly fell in love. He's a Democrat, but a moderate one, while Sarah is a way out there on the left fringe liberal.Like Eric, I was reminded of , they both feature intense love affairs that somehow don't work out as planned. His growing bewilderment and sense of frustration at his own helplessness is palpable. Jennifer Connelly matches Crudup's intensity as the effervescent Sarah, gushing with moral conviction. Anyone that's seen that movie knows they were the best thing about it. ” “I did.” In another scene they have this exchange...

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