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Flower arrangements, wedding invitations, pictures of the outfits for the special day, your wedding theme or colours etc. We do have an inspiration book that has a range of cake designs so you can get an idea of what you would like.

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As the cakes need to be stable enough to support the weight of the sugar paste and sugar models, we cannot substitute butter for dairy free spread as it affects the quality of the cake on certain style of cakes. Colour matching We cannot guarantee 100% colour match but we will try our best to get the closest to the shade you are after.

If you want to get an exact colour match it is best to give us a sample (sending us a picture in the post) so that we can do our best to get an exact match.

We will let you know in advance if we have used these items so that you can take them out before eating the models.

We accept no responsibility for any issues that may occur due to inedible items being left in the cake.

Ingredients All of our cakes are made using the highest quality ingredients.

We use organic milk, butter, flour and cocoa powder.

Guests are getting more for their money when compared to other properties in this city.

The inspired creation of artist Waltraud Hanl, Jasmine is an authentic So Truly Real™ lifelike collectible vinyl doll, available only from The Ashton-Drake Galleries.

We do not accept any responsibility for any damages caused when placing a topper without letting us know. Deposits A 50% deposit is required for all cakes to ensure that we can save your chosen date.

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