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My son has had feminine tendencies since he was 2 years old.

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If you have excepted him as your Savior then your choice with your sexuality is your own. I find it hard to believe, in our enlightened age, that there are still people who feel this way, who devote a large chunk of their lives to condemning homosexuals and homosexuality. This viewpoint also included the fact that I thought I was condemned to Hell for being gay...

It says there is one way onto the father and that's through his son Jesus Christ. There fore he/she created Gay, Bi, Trans and straight people. You live my his/her basic rules (The 10 Commandments) and you will get along with God. Growing up in a home with strict parents and a very religious mother, I always have had the concept of God as being up in heaven with a giant fly swatter, ready to whack me when I'm bad.

He just gives me a strange look and says that it's definitely not him, even though everything in those profiles indicates it is him.

I have also come across raunchy text messages on his mobile phone from a few girls, who have sent him nude pictures....

Defending herself at those labelling her an 'attention seeker' and 'delusional' she wrote: 'Some of u are so mean.

However, the relationship swiftly turned sour, with the star revealing the end of the romance in a brief tweet last week: 'Wow to think you were someone special. He says he has never signed up to one of those sites. He says if I don't believe him then it's my problem, and that if I'm not happy I can leave.He even said stuff like "Don't you think if I was going to cheat on you, I would have been more secretive and go about it in other ways instead of signing up for sex sites? He said someone must have hacked his personal details and has been signing up for these sites. I have told him about the profiles, even read them out to him.but to subscribe to the ludicrus man made concept that our manmade god is going to ship these heathens off to burn for all eternity is more than a little... He may be straight, but he has more of a chance of going to hell than a... My son came to me when he was 18 years old and told me he was gay, and I looked at him and said I know. It's amazing I don't think homosexuals aren't going to hell because almost everyone around me thinks that. ok, well, i don't necessarily mean that gay people aren't suffering hell on earth-- some of them very well may be. Someon can say I'm straight, yet be a murdering child, molester, who worships demons, and gives blood sacrafices to Appolyon the Destroyer.

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