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The reasons varied for the wariness about going all the way but included a lack of self-esteem, fear of rejection, all-consuming hobbies and the ease of accessing pornography online.

Japan has been reluctant to increase immigration levels in the country but may now have to rethink that policy to boost its population.

If action isn’t taken, the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research estimates that by 2045, the population of Japan will fall by about 900,000 people a year.

In the country that gave us the love hotel and vending machines full of panties, nearly half of 18-to-34-year-olds are still virgins.

Sixty-four percent have never had a relationship, according to research cited by the BBC.

A video was released earlier this year as part of a coordinated campaign to revise Japan's sex crime laws.

It was aimed at raising public awareness about sexual violence and to show victims that they don't need to be silent.

“Sex is something I don’t need,” one young woman told the BBC.

Another claimed men didn’t try hard enough to attract women.

From a foreign point of view, Japan might be a male-dominated society.

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