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Mouth's boss Alice gets fired, and Mouth tries to win Millicent back.

With the strike resolved, the CW announced that six more episodes would be produced bringing the episode count to eighteen.

Four years after high school; Karen is travelling the world with her daughter, Lily and boyfriend, Andy.

Brooke sets Peyton up with an old boyfriend, while still dealing with Victoria.

Rachel returns to Tree Hill, and Dan comes back hoping for a fresh start.

Brooke sets Mouth on a blind date with her assistant Millicent, and finds out about Mouth and his boss. Haley is upset at Lucas for proposing to Lindsay and kissing Peyton.

After kissing Peyton, Lucas asks Lindsey to marry him. The Honorary Title performs at Tric, and Mia performs her song, "No Good". Quentin has to change his negative approach before the Ravens start the season-opening game.Mouth begins a new relationship with Brooke's assistant Millicent and tries to become successful in the sports reporting world.It's four years into the future and the Tree Hill gang has finished college.It's Lucas and Lindsey's wedding day and Peyton must decide what to do about her feelings for Lucas.Nathan uses the occasion to attempt a reconciliation with Haley, and recently-paroled Dan shows up for the family reunion.Lindsay fears that Peyton might threaten her relationship with Lucas. Peyton has her hands full with a musician who turns out to be problematic; Mouth's in a relationship with his boss Alice and dating her is how he's keeping his job.

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