Is the countess de lesepps dating

“She plans to take the time off from men to focus on her children and her growing businesses.

She has always had a man in her life and now is the moment for her to be alone and learn that she doesn’t need a man to be happy,” insiders told .

She also is spending a lot of time alone traveling and in her Hamptons home.

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I grew up with six brothers and sisters and you learn to manage all of these people. I always say it's my discombobulated Housewives family.

When we see each other outside of the show, it's like your cousin you haven't seen in a while.

And now we have the wedding photos — and glimpse of the bride's multiple wedding dresses! Her ceremony gown, which was the look most shared on social media, appears to be a mermaid-style, floor-length dress with a deep V-neck and illusion straps.

We have yet to see the third bridal look — what we can only guess is an epic wedding exit ensemble — but we did see a cute photo of the newlyweds dressed up for their post-brunch send-off, with the bride wearing a cute, off-the-shoulder white sundress."I'm most excited to celebrate, to celebrate our life together," the bride shared previously.

Season 9, filmed last fall and currently airing on Bravo, centers around the tension and hurt feelings that arose from the perceived slight of not being invited to the nuptials.

Here, we talk with Luann D'Agostino about the nature of female friendships, why RHONY viewers love the drama, and whether or not she's actually friends with her costars.

LDL: It’s planned for New Year’s Eve […] in Palm Beach. That’s been a lot of fun with the kids, it’s a whole new life.

It’s also Tom’s 50th birthday so it’s a very big night. Are all the Do you ever get embarrassed by the things that air on the show? It’s probably a peaceful respite from the drama of the show.

Countess Luann ultimately dismissed her fiancé's behavior as a one-time thing and the couple moved forward with their wedding plans, though Luann found herself constantly defending their relationship from the other Housewives' criticism and gossip.

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