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His first epiphany occurred three years later, when he heard Miles Davis' recording of "My Funny Valentine." "I knew at that instant that I wanted to be a jazz musician," Botti says.Shortly thereafter, Botti discovered Davis' 1964 album with Herbie Hancock, Four & More, which offered another revelation.I was going to have to do something else." So Botti headed into the recording studio, where he quickly became an in-demand session player. "There's a misconception of what it takes to be a professional musician," Botti says.

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"From practicing yoga to engaging in meet-and-greets, I learned it all from Sting." The fact that he kind of looked like Sting — along with his newfound ability to stand on his head and meditate — helped propel Botti's career.

Botti had already released his debut album, First Wish, by the time he joined Sting.

"I first went to Poland in 2000 as part of Sting's Brand New Day Tour," says Botti, who's in town this weekend to present a pops concert with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.

"I was amazed at how warm and gracious everyone there was.

Trumpet sensation Chris Botti has fans all over the world.

Apparently, some of his most ardent listeners live in Poland, a place that's never been known as a cool jazz hot spot.

But the classics were hardly this Oregon native's first love.

Born in Portland in 1962, he began taking trumpet lessons at age 9.

Botti joined Sting's Brand New Day Tour in 1999 and received a crash course on how to be a rock star.

"Sting really became my best friend and mentor, and the lessons he gave me were not just about music but about life," Botti says.

But Botti's scheduled 2010 performance in Warsaw quickly took on a deeper meaning.

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