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Reynolds, and Sharon Creech, and I know that many Iranian children admire their works too.

Other Iranian authors are Hooshang Moradi Kermani, some of whose works have been translated to English, and Ahmadreza Ahmadi who was shortlisted for a Hans Christian Andersen award.

Some younger writers have also appeared in the recent decades whose works, in my opinion, are better than their predecessors.

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I'm Joseph, I'm preparing for IELTS exam by myself (self study), so I'm looking for a partner who can talk to me about 20-30 minutes at nights.

A Separation, directed by Asghar Farhadi, even won an academy award and was publicly screened in America.

I hope that in the newly-created atmosphere and also in the light of a strengthened relationship between the two countries, American people will get more acquainted with Iranian children’s books as well.

I study film in university and i love all kinds of arts specially music.

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