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Despite the exciting outlook for the future of face to face communication, there are plenty of roadblocks to this video calling future, the first of which is the final step towards ubiquity (I promise that’s the last time I’ll use that word).

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Should I video call for casual conversations or only important topics that merit face to face interaction? Will the other person be annoyed if I ask to video chat with them?

Because of unspoken and perhaps even sub-conscious questions like these, video chatting is likely to remain a novelty for many people for years to come.

Ever since I saw a Dick Tracy comic for the first time as a kid I’ve been enamored by the idea of face to face conversations that defy the barrier of distance.

Dick’s watch was an amazing feat in communication that allowed him to see and converse with his trusty sidekick from anywhere (for you fans out there, it started as a radio watch but eventually was upgraded to a two-way TV watch).

Most people don’t want to stay “signed on” to Skype or i Chat 24/7. Have we reached a communication plateau with cell phones, Facebook and email that won’t easily be changed in the next decade?

Most people don’t even know when, if ever, it’s appropriate to ask someone to join them in a video chat. With the advent of Face Time, Apple has renewed the vision of every day video-driven communications.

Will the i Pod Nano ever get Face Time so I can have a real Dick Tracy watch?

Let us know your thoughts on all this in the comments below!

They’ve taken a huge step in solving the key problem: ubiquity.

Rather than tethering video conferencing to your desk or laptop, i OS puts it in your pocket so it’s always with you.

People are busy and will likely always show a preference for quick and easy over awkward and formal. Will Face Time remain a nerd-only affair, loved by Apple nerds and ignored by the rest of the world?

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