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At the request of her brother Sōta, she found him, only to be pulled into the well by Mistress Centipede, whose bones had been resurrected by the presence of the Shikon no Tama within Kagome's body. But when she climbed out of the well, she found herself in the middle of a forested meadow.

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Intrigued by his ear, Kagome tugged on them curiously, only to be ambushed by a group of suspicious villagers.

After bounding her, they brought her before Kaede, the village priestess, to determine if she was a yōkai or a spy.

When she started on the bacon, Bankotsu's eyes shot open and he stood faster than anyone could blink. " His eyes lit up with joy as he tossed his braid over his shoulder and made his way to the kitchen. "Good."Bankotsu watched as Inuyasha walked to Kagome and wrapped her in a hug."I've known you since we were kids.

Kagome laughed when Bankotsu wrapped his arms around her waist and nipped at her neck."Hai, it is." She smiled."Awesome! " Bankotsu grinned as he planted a kiss on Kagome's cheek. Kagome stared at her friends and bit her bottom lip. Bankotsu turned to pick up his shirt from the table."Well...." Her face turned pink."Explain yourself! I wouldn't let this come between us."Kagome rested her head on Inuyasha's shoulder and mouthed "I love you" to Bankotsu.

He grabbed a fist full of Inuyasha's hair on each side of his head and slammed his forehead onto Inuyasha's repeatedly.

By the time he had stood up, Inuyasha was out cold and both of their heads had large gashes across them.

His short black hair was matted to his head from sweat and his stubble had begun to grow to the point that the whiskers formed a full beard. On his left arm were the names 'Kagome' and 'Souta' tattooed in Old-English lettering. "The squad mobilized after their quick briefing and made their way down to complete their mission.

His rank insignia, all the way from Private First Class to his current rank of Sergeant was tattooed underneath the names. His dark brown eyes narrowed in the sun."Alright men, listen up. " He pointed in the direction he was facing."Yes, Sergeant." His squad replied in unison."We're gonna go to it, rendezvous with Bravo and Charlie, sweep the extraction point and eliminate any hostiles within two hundred meters of the LZ. XOXOXOBankotsu smirked as he pulled a giggling Kagome onto his lap.

Their own gangs cheered them on while Koga's and Naraku's gang watched silently.

Bankotsu wiped the sweat from his brow and cracked his knuckles."What's the matter, pup? " Bankotsu chuckled."Not on your life, bitch." Inuyasha grinned.

" Bankotsu whispered."I love you."Bankotsu pushed his lips to hers for a moment and pulled back. "Her friends expression turned to shock."We have been since before we decided to reform the Inu Tachi..." She bit back tears. I know that you two hate each other and you're my best friend.

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